USP V: Unofficial manual (early draft for download)

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<![endif]-->UPDATE:  Version 0.003.

Updated info on Hitachi, HDS, HP and Sun
Corrected some typos, clarified some points and corrected some mistakes.

v0.002 updates:
Updated content includes section on RAID6 contributed mainly by Devang Panchigar at as well as content on RAID1 and HDP 42MB Page size.

As a result of feedback relating to the HDP unofficial best practice guide I made available for download I have put together the outline, and some content, for an unofficial USP V manual.

This is a very early draft version with lots of gaps and unwritten chapters.  My intention is to have other people with USP V (XP24000) experience contribute content to make it a community document.  Some people have already approached me asking if they could contribute content.  If you were one of them or if you would like to contribute content, now is the time to get in touch with me.  All contributors will be duly acknowledged.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.  Be warned though this initial version was written a while ago and has not been proof read so may have typos and some dated content (although I have re-read it tonight and updated the obvious stuff).

The content is from my experience, what I have been informally told, as well as what can be found on the internet and on the HDS and HP storage forums.  I hope that none of the content is confidential or protected by NDA.  Therefore, if you wish to contribute content I ask that you respect any confidentiality agreements and NDAs etc........

The HDP doc appears to have helped a lot of people with their HDP/ThP deployments and make the decision to use HDP/ThP etc.  Im hoping that this document might have a similar effect on people using and deploying more Hitachi storage.

Download version 0.003 here

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