About Me

Ron Singler  (singlers@gmail.com) (@rsingler_)

I'm currently working as the Director of Solutions Architecture for Cloud Management & CloudHealth for the Americas @ VMware and living in sunny Florida.  All blog posts and comments are my own.

I began working in IT in 1998 after a four year stint in the US Army.  I began focusing on storage back in 2001 and have loved learning everything I can about it.  I have worked with EMC², HP, Compaq, NetApp, Sun, and Hitachi disk storage.  Veritas NetBackup, ADIC/Quantum VTL and  tape libraries, Data Domain, and Sepaton.  Around about 2008 I began focusing more on the Data Center as a whole.  All things VMware are a core competency for me.

I also enjoy speaking at industry events and I have had the privilege to speak at several VMworlds and many VMUGs across the US.

For more information about me you can check out LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronsingler