Recruiting - you have to love it.

I see it is relatively quiet and no one has mentioned the new Cisco MDS products.  Cisco now has DDM which looks very similar to Brocade's DMM but we expected that and they also have some new switches.

We are in a recruitment drive for Windows people but the ad talks about our environment with the Mainframe and the SAN.  One person was casually asking about the infrastructure and he somehow got onto the SAN.  He asked what it was Tape or Disks?  Tape??  I thought tape could mean backups using fibre channel but jokingly said wireless iSCSI and he said oh yes, I know all about that.

I am so looking forward to his resume.

There has been a Storage Admin job advertised for many months but no one wants it.  Why?  It's offering VERY good money but the word has got around the company has poor management practices and most people don't last for more than 6 months.  So, with the shortage of good SAN people, good money and conditions, what can that company do to recruit someone?  I think I might send that wireless iSCSI guru to them.

This leads me to the thought that has anyone ever thought about the standards that storage administrators should follow?  Can an employer look up a web site to find questions to ask prospective employees?  More often than not, they are recruiting because the previous one left so how can companies know what they are getting.  Most employment agencies would not have a clue what happens in a SAN and think you are talking Martian when you discuss disk alignment or encoding errors outside frames.

So, does SNIA (or as I say SNEER) offer any guidance on this?  Has the storage industry got something to help employers?