GestaltIT Tech Field Day

Im very fortunate to be one of the people invited to the first ever GestaltIT Tech Field Day and its going to be great.  This is a short post but I think worthwhile so please read on

What the H*!! is this GestaltIT Tech Field Day thing?

The crux of the event is this - taking a handful of bloggers and a handful of smaller vendors, locking them in the same room for two days with only blogging and tweeting as their connection to the outside world………. And seeing who comes out alive!

Presentations will be given, demos will be done and most importantly, no holds barred hard questions will be asked, and asked, and asked….. 

In fact, Stephen Foskett the event organiser, and industry legend, told me the other week that he had warned the vendors that the only way he could guarantee that we won’t say they suck, is if they don’t suck!

Why should you care?

Answer: Same reason I care...... It will be one hell of a learning opportunity.

Granted its an invite only event, so we cant all go, but I will be there and will be blogging and tweeting about everything I learn.  So if you want to know more about the technologies and strategies of the companies who will be presenting, then stay tuned this blog and tune in to my Twitter account (@nigelpoulton).

I promise to blog and tweet about everything I learn.  The good, the bad and the ugly.


As everybody cant be there in person, feel free to drop me a line via any of the many means by which Im contactable, with any questions you want me to ask the vendors.  If they are good questions then I promise to ask them.

Who will be there – Vendors

Who will be there – Bloggers

Rich Brambley VM /ETC
Gestalt IT
Carlo Costanzo VMware Info CCostan
Chris Evans The Storage Architect
Gestalt IT
Greg Ferro EtherealMind
Gestalt IT
Robin Harris StorageMojo StorageMojo
Rod Haywood Musings of Rodos Rodos
John Hickson Studio Sysadmins StudioSystems
Greg Knieriemen Storage Monkeys Knieriemen
John Obeto Absolutely Windows JohnObeto
Devang Panchigar StorageNerve
Gestalt IT
Nigel Poulton Ruptured Monkey NigelPoulton
Bas Raayman Renegade’s Technical Diatribe BasRaayman
Ed Saipetch Breathing Data
Gestalt IT
Simon Seagrave TechHead Kiwi_Si
Rick Vanover Virtualization Review
Tech Republic


I am genuinely excited about this event. Same kind of excitement I would have if my football team ever made the FA Cup final or England made the World Cup final (well….. may be not quite that excited).  But seriously, this is a landmark event and a great opportunity to learn about some of the less well known vendors and technologies out there.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you would like me to ask…….


PS.  Im really looking forward to meeting all in attendance but in particular Xsigo, MDS and 3PAR.