FCoE: Real world deployment video...

In keeping with my current focus of attempting to shed some light on FCoE and help people learn and realise some of the beneits, the link below is to a video that Cisco will be putting up tomorrow (10am PDT).

Its an interview with Sr Director of IT at the University of Arizona, where they have had Cisco Nexus 5000 kit installed for nearly a year and a half and running FCoE in production.  Towards the end of the video they promise to cover off some FCoE myths too – and there are plenty of them around!!

Promises to be interesting.  If you cant make the live broadcast then it should be available as playback after the event.  If its of interest I’ll keep the link up, if not then in a day or two this post will have mysteriously disappeared in the ether, never to be seen again ;-)

The following link has been updated.  Cisco had some technical difficulties and the old link did not work.  This one does!  This post refers to the video featuring Derek Masseth.  Apologies for the old broken link.



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