Where is the kudos in being a storage pro?

A quick thought from the weekend - I spent the weekend in Göteborg (Gothenburg, Sweden) which happened to be the start of the Gothenburg Festival as well as the European Championships athletics. This all made for a fantastic weekend with the place absolutely buzzing. While there I couldn’t help but notice the athletes from the different countries strutting around sporting (no pun intended) there full team kit with badges around their necks that make 5 ¼ floppies look small. Now my wife tells me that they have to carry their badges so they get their free travel and other discounts….. But why the need to wear them around their necks while in full team kit? Surely these guys have to wear team tracksuits in training so why also wear them around town? The short answer is of course that they are chuffed to be professional athletes and like to show off to the locals. Cant really blame them for that I suppose. So why don’t I feel the same way about wearing the free vendor badged gear that I’ve been given in the past? Why are my HP/HDS/Cisco/Brocade….. T-shirts relegated to mere painting gear and occasionally gym gear? Why don’t I saunter around town showing them off to the locals? mackem