Three cheers for XP-Pete

Three cheers for XP-Pete

I Couldn't help but notice that recently Peter Mattei, aka XP-Pete one of the forum moderators, is absolutely ripping it up these days over at HP Storage Forums.  If you post an XP related question on the forum you can barely blink before Peter has it answered for you!

A while ago I started posting on the HP forums and if I was quick I could get in and answer a few questions before Peter did.  As it happens I lost the password to my account and stopped posting.  Anyway I created a new account recently and thought Id do my bit and start chipping in with a few answers here and there - errrr wrong!  Im way to slow these days, and Peter is like grease lightning!

This is no criticism of Peter - I think its great what he's doing.  He is also quite liberal with his XP related presentations etc.  the latest version can be downloaded from here.

I cant help but wonder if Peters enthusiasm is anything to do with the recent launch of the HDS forums?  May be Im just too cynical and way off the mark here and he's doing it for the love of the job.  Either way, I'm taking my hat off to Peter for his willingness to chip in and help out.

Sticking with the topic of forums I must also take my hat off to Carl Isenburg and a couple of others who are doing a similar job on the HDS forums. Although I know these forums are intended to create a community and to encourage end-user input and peer-to-peer help, its great that when a little inside knowledge is needed, its often provided by these moderators.

Were there a Storage version of the Oscars - Peter Mattei from HP and Carl Isenburg from HDS would definitely be nominated for the category Best Forum Moderator.

A recent good experience that I had with the forums was when I posted a question on both HP and HDS storage forums but didn't get a satisfactory answer from either - may be XP-Pete was on a long lunch?  Anyway, Snig, the big chief here at rupturedmonkey, and myself embarked on a little cross-Atlantic co-operation via Google Talk and between us were able to answer my question - long live the internet and the growing online storage community.


PS.  If anyone at HP is reading this please feel free to mail me my lost password for my account - linked above Laughing)