The SANta Claus of storage

Well its fast approaching Christmas time in my little corner of the world.  Other than the crappy weather and dark nights, this also means is that children everywhere are writing their annual letters to Santa Claus telling him how good they have been and listing all of the wonderful toys they would like to receive from him this year.

Shame there isn’t a storage version of this Santa Claus guy – heck we could even  call him SANta <queue punch line jingle>.

But may be there is and SANta Claus …………<drum roll> ……….. In a response to my previous post “The worlds fastest storage”, Liho pointed me to a seemingly unremarkable post on Hu Yoshida’s blog.  Toward the end of the post Hu invites readers to leave feedback on a particular HDS venture, but then very subtly and more importantly …..<continued drum roll>…… he invites readers to list their views on what HDS needs to do to meet their storage requirements in the future. 

Is Hu revealing a previously unknown side of his life…….. is Hu Yoshida “SANta Claus” and does he have a hoard of elves hiding somewhere waiting to build the storage systems we dream of?
I know that there are some people out there who don’t believe in Santa, never mind SANta.  But on a serious note, what have we got to lose?  Its not every day you get an opportunity to throw some of your ideas at somebody who is one of the most influential people in the storage world - if you don’t believe me that Hu is of high standing in the storage world check out drunkendata where Jon Toigo has recently suggested that Hu “may” have reached the lofty status of “storage philosophia” – this classification has not been ratified by the SNIA Wink

So, why not tell Hu what HDS should be doing with their next generation kit.  Even if your not a HDS person Id suggest its worth a few minutes of your time - after all, anything good that one of the big boys does, the others eventually follow suit.  I'll be posting a list, in fact the topics that I blog about are generally what I would like to see from storage vendors.

Nigel (mackem)

PS. “SANta Claus” is patent pending to Nigel Poulton – UK  Wink

PPS. Im no artist but I think the below picture is enough proof that with a fake beard and the right coloured coat, Mr Yoshida could be SANta Claus.  Mind you, Im not suggesting that he has the 50 inch waist that is required for the job Laughing

SANta Claus

EDITORS NOTE:  I notice that a couple of people have left feedback for Hu and Hu appears to be listening - who knows, may be actions will follow!!??  Anybody else wanting to post suggested improvements or things they'd like to see in HDS kit could do a lot worse than posting your comments on there as well, it appears HDS are lsitening <link here>