I quit my job at HPE today. I start my new job on Monday but that's another blog post. ;-)

I started at SimpliVity as the first Solutions Architect (employee 46) in the Southeast US and opened the territory way back in April 2013. We GA'd the SimpliVty CN3000 OmniCube and helped start what is now common place HCI. We pioneered the ability to run our HCI solution on the customers choice of HW vendor. We fought the good fight by not bashing our competition on a daily basis while growing the market from scratch and were acquired by HPE in the Spring of 2017. I have a ton of battle scars and stories about the #StartupLife but I will share those in another post.

I met so many wonderful people along the way and made some life long friends in the process. I'm very thankful to all of the folks at SimpliVity that I was able to work and accomplish our mission with. Post acquisition, the folks at HPE were really awesome during our transition into the company and extremely professional, friendly and helpful during my time there. Those that I am leaving behind will be missed but I'm sure we will stay in touch.

I begin my new chapter on Monday so this weekend will be spent reflecting on the things I have accomplished in my previous role and how I can use both my successes and failures in my next role. I am extremely excited about this new role and will let everyone in on what it is on Monday morning. Until then...