The best don't always win

The storage deal on disk replacement is over. A decision has been made.
Are we happy? Sure, why not. Did we get what we want? Well, technically we had a better option, but financially, we couldn't refuse this final offer. The financial gap between the winner and the runner up, was just to big. The technological differences aren't enough to justify the extra investments.
So we didn't get the best money could buy, but we did get a good deal, and we do get good storage for these euros. Besides, the big-iron players' high-end range storage subsystems are all good stuff and they do not differ too much in capabilities.
Another plus for my company is, that we do not need to go through a massive migration, don't have to rewrite tons of scripts, don't have to change multipath drivers on hundreds of servers. That's worth something too, right? We were willing to go through all this changes, but in the end, like Meja said in track 2, it's all 'bout the money.
My company is happy, because we made sure that the next four years, we have a good price per gig. Which in turn will make our customers happy as well. And this is why we have the job.

A donwside to this is, that we don't get experience with new equipment, new vendors, new methods, and more. Well, better luck in about 4 years.

PS: Merry Christmas to you all.