Tech pictures from SNW Europe

Here are some tech related photos I took at the recent SNW Europe in Frankfurt Germany.

In my opinion the show was a real success with over 1,500 attendees, of which over 1,100 were end users and reseller delegates and the remainder made up of general riff-raff such as vendors, press and the likes….

One of the things I like to see at shows like these is hardware.  What can I say, Im just the kind of guy that gets a kick out of seeing hardware.  So for the rest of you out there like me – sit back and enjoy……..

First up, I was impressed to see a Symmetrix V-Max, blue strip light ablaze.  The only disappointment was that whenever I popped by to have a chat, somebody else was always being given an overview :-(

Next up the IBM HS22 BladeCenter that was used to demo the new IBM Virtual Fabric, which is based on technology from IBM, BLADE Networks and Emulex.  A much needed addition to the IBM portfolio in my opinion.

Oh and while on the theme of IBM, here is another rack of IBM kit

As the IBM Virtual Fabric solution has an Emulex CNA in it, next up is Shawn Walsh from Emulex showing us that the Emulex UCNA is real and not a myth.

And a close up on a desk with a pen for lined up to give an idea of size

Then if you followed the girls with “Thin” written on their T-shirts you couldn’t miss the 3PAR InServe kit on show.  I plan on writing about 3PAR RAID MP and Persistent Cache, both of which are potentially very interesting technologies.  But seeing as 3PAR are attending the upcoming GestaltIT Field Day I might wait and see if I can glean some deep tech info from them.

Brocade also turned up with a rack load of kit, although hugely disappointing for me was the lack of an FCoE 10-24 blade in the DCX director.  Not to worry though, there was a B8000 top of the rack CEE/FCoE switch to keep me happy.

And a Brocade dual port CNA

I have some video footage from the Brocade booth that I will post some time next week.  So stay tuned.

Even the internet connected laptops were also of decent spec.  Below is a smart little HP laptop alongside my personal 11.1” Sony job - check out the grease marks on my trackpad and spacebar

And last but not least, the quality of freebies was good.  Aside from the standard pens and stress balls, I was particularly impressed with –

iPod Shuffle
Solio solar powered USB charger
3-in-1 pen/laser pen/1GB memory stick (James Bond style)
2GB micro SD with standard SD adapter 

The economy must be recovering!

As well as the above mentioned video footage from the Brocade booth, I also got some video footage from the Arista networks booth.  Keep an eye out for that as I plan to post them in the following week…


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