Survey Says!

Got this in an email on Friday and I thought we'd help them out.  If you feel that you can provide some insight, then fill out the survey and do some good for the better meant of man kind...

Hi Ron,

The Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum is undertaking two milestone thought leadership research initiatives called Uptime @ Crunch Time and Lean and Green Leadership.  We are conducting a 2 surveys targeted towards IT datacenter professionals relating to green computing and uptime issues.  Would it be possible for you to include the link to these surveys on your blog? 

Survey Link:

Uptime @ Crunch Time (
As data storage demands mushroom, all too often concerns over optimized data performance, scalability, and resilience are ignored. To gauge the awareness of the criticality of uninterrupted, high speed data access in high-demand events and industries, the BPM Forum is undertaking a landmark initiative, Uptime @ Crunch Time, to benchmark how leading IT professionals and business executives view, control and maintain continuous data uptime during critical business scenarios.


Survey Link:

Lean and Green (
In a world of pervasive energy shortfall and rampant computer waste, IT executives, operations influencers and buyers are seeking cost-effective ways to implement green practices across the enterprise. The Lean and Green Leadership initiative seeks to increase and enhance executive discussion and awareness around the ways IT organizations can reduce energy drain and impact business gain by consolidating storage systems, embracing efficient computing practices, and introducing power-saving techniques. The authority leadership program will examine ways to address the accelerating energy demands and rampant waste of the data center, along with methods to increase IT yield and data productivity.