SimpliVity Announcement Roundup

I've been working at SimpliVity for 4 months now and the technology and the engineers behind it impress me on a daily basis.  Today we're making a LOT of announcements around the OmniCube (new versions), the OmniStack (the tech behind the OmniCube), and have released some really great analyst reports surrounding all the announcements.  I've tried to capture everything below, but if I've missed anything let me know.

The official press release can be found here: Press Release

Wikibon Video Announcement by Doron Kempel:

Check out a short (4 minute) video of Doron announcing our releases with the Wikibon folks.

OmniCube Form-Factor Updates:

We are releasing new form factors of the OmniCube in both smaller (CN-2000) and larger (CN-5000) form-factors and updating the current generation CN-3000.

Data sheets can be found here:

Analyst Reports:

ESG Labs created a report that has some really impressive performance numbers and discusses the overall features of the OmniCube platform.  Can you say "1,000,000 IOps" in Dr. Evil's voice with your pinky finger at the corner your mouth? ;)  And also pay attention to the single OmniCube load test and the linear scalability when they add in 4 OmniCubes.  You can find the report here: Report (Registration required)

Howard Marks over at Deep Storage discusses our VM centric backup and replication technology.  Because the OmniStack manages each VMs data individually it allows us to manage all of the copies of each VMs data individually. This was a plan from the start.  The report can be found here:  Report

Steven Fosket and Hans De Leenheer created an awesome deep technical dive into the OmniStack technology.  I know a lot of folks on the interwebs have been waiting for a document like this so here it is. You can find the report here:  Report

As you can see there is a ton of great stuff happening at SimpliVity right now.  It's extremely exciting to work for such a forward looking company.  Now that a lot of this information is out I plan on doing some how-to posts on the OmniCube and the technology that surrounds it.  Stay tuned.