Quick tip on getting VMware Docs on a Mac

If you're like me you can never have too much documentation on hand when troubleshooting a problem. When I was a Windows guy I used a handy little script written by the guys/gals over at xtravirt.com that would automatically go out to vmware.com and download all of the latest documentation for me. Here is a link to the download: http://xtravirt.com/xd10109

Well now that I'm a Mac guy I can't simply run the batch script anymore. So here is what I did. I'm running VMware Fusion on my Mac and I have a management Windows XP VM which is used for various things. I shared my Mac HD with that VM and was able to browse to the location where I store the script and all of the VMware docs. Next I had to add a path to the Environment variables in Windows so that it could find wget.exe. I simply added "; \vmware-host\Shared Folders\Macintosh HD\Users\username\Stuff\vmware stuff\Documentation;" to the path statement. After that you're good to go. Double click the batch file and it will download the files to the c:\windows directory. When complete, copy the files to your Mac HD.

Hope this helps some of you.