P class not B class enclosures.

I need to make a correction regarding my previous post about the HP blade enclosures.  Apparently they are P class enclosures not B.  I get confused with acronyms which I expect is someone’s job and the more confused the end user is, the higher the pay.  It sort of reminds me of the old days when B was a language.  Then came C.  I wonder where D is.  I know about D Trace for Solaris which looks a bit like C.  Did anyone ever see Blue Thunder and wondered what JAFO stood for?  It was revealed as the movie went on.


Anyway, it’s funny that a number of other bloggers including Tony Pearson at IBM:




also referred to the B class from my posting and said just how good the IBM blade servers are with SAN connectivity.  I wish I was a person working for a vendor.  I could write wonderful blogs that push my products (blogerteering?).  I really like reading the blogs from some vendors (not you Tony) who profess about the good of their products but when you read their Linkedin resume probably have never spent any real time managing storage at the coal front.  One person that springs to mind is Barry Burke.  I wont hold a grudge against Barry just because he was involved with Applix.  I do admire that after nearly thirty years, he is still in the IT industry.  Have a look at:




I personally enjoy reading the blogs of people like myself.  We put up with some of the stupidest things that could happen.  You don’t see those sort of down to earth events in blog sites that are run by vendors.  I would love to respond to some of the IBM postings but I refuse to accept the conditions posted at the bottom of the page.  My thoughts are my own and IBM can’t own them.


I would be happy to have a marketing person sit in with me when something goes horribly wrong that has something associated with SAN or might even be in the same state as our SAN.  Eg, like when our Exchange servers were playing up due to massive CRC errors and people were yelling at me to fix the storage when there was nothing wrong with it.  Some management definitely display their lack of IT knowledge when something goes wrong.  I doubt even the Messiah could have worked out that problem in about 5 minutes.


Another day, we lost our ONS links which provide our inter datacentre ISL’s for about 30 seconds so our sync True Copy had a dummy spit.  This caused some time outs for our HSC systems and again it was my fault.  Umm.. sure it was because if I did not use True Copy, we would not have any problems.  Then if our datacentre burns down or gets blown away, it would be my fault for not having True Copy.


Perhaps Barry and other vendor’s representatives could write about some of their exciting things that happens on a daily basis.  Like getting a size ten boot up the behind for not making sales numbers last quarter?  Or something like what happened at that last conference need not get out...  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


So, what did HP say about this issue with the SAN and the P class enclosures?  Update the firmware.  Terrific, we are already using the latest version.

 Less sales waffle and more real stories would make me happy.  And Barry, don't take this personally.. or else I wont even consider buying a DMX 4. Stephen