Moving on. Starting a new chapter in my career.

One week down at SimpliVity so far and it's been great!  As some of you know I recently left  Datalink where I was a Solutions Architect and working with customers to design solutions for their data centers.  My leaving is bitter sweet in that it was a great company to work for and the people there I can truly call my friends.  Datalink has a truly wonderful group of engineers that really put the Value in the term VAR.

After working on both the customer side and the VAR side of the IT industry the opportunity came to work for a startup in the manufacturing side of the industry and it was one of those things that was honestly too good to pass up.  I look at this transition as the next logical phase in my IT career and will give the me the opportunity to learn both the manufacturing/vendor side as well as the startup side.
SimpliVity has released, what I think is going to be, the next big thing in infrastructure.  They have combined both compute and storage in a single box they call the OmniCube.  While that is cool on it's own, as you dig deeper into the technology it only gets cooler.  They create a global federation of systems that dedupes a VMs data, inline, as the data is being written to disk.  Every OmniCube within a federation knows where the data is stored, no matter where the OmniCube resides around the world.  This allows for a ton of other really cool features.  Extremely efficient backups and restores, super fast clones of VMs, and replication to geographically dispersed data centers.  And on top of all that, everything is managed on a per VM basis so that you can be as granular as you'd like when creating and selecting a protection policy.
I really can't say enough about how cool the technology is right now, because I'm getting way off topic, so I'll leave that for future blog posts.  For now you can check out some videos on the SimpliVity website <here> and <here>.
I look forward to working with all of the future SimpliVity partners and customers as we roll out this game changing tech.  I'd like to thank the folks at Datalink for all the opportunities they afforded me during my six years there and wish them tons of luck as they continue to grow.