Its all their in the name

This made me laugh to myself - you know, the type of laugh that you do sat at a computer in a room full of people and hope they don't ask you what your laughing at.

I was reading a post titled "storage virtualisation: naming gone awry" over at The Storage Anarchist, Barry Burkes new blog (anybody else noticed that tons of new storage blogs are popping up these days??).  Its an interesting post and well worth reading. 

Just to sum it for the purpose of explaining why I was laughing - Barry waxes lyrical a little over what he considers a bit of a naming faux pas made by the storage industry.  He speaks intelligently about why "storage virtualisation" as we're calling it these days, (SVC, USP...) is not really virtualisation, but rather just another form of volume management.

He goes on to suggest, may be just gest, that the industry should admit its mistake, apologise to the market and rename the various technologies as "Volume Managers".  Anyway, that brings me to the reason why I was laughing (actually it doesn't seem that funny any more), Barry seemed to miss the fact that the marketing name for the Hitachi virtualisation/volume management, call it what you want, is actually ....................... wait for it..............

"Universal Volume Manager"

No, seriously!!

So - Anybody else laughing?

In fact, I've also just thought, the IBM technology is actually "SAN Volume Controller" also remarkably close to the mark that Barry is setting!

So now I have to wonder how it got tagged as virtualisation?  But it certainly won't be keeping me awake tonight.

No malice intended Barry, just thought Id share a (not so) humorous moment.