It got hot, global warming?

According to hear-say information, the bigBlue datacenter in Bruxelles, Belgium was struck by fire last week.
Their twin-center concept presumably did not work, and most of it's operations went dead.
Even the high-availablity type applications seem to not have survived. I've been checking all possible resources, but I wasn't able to confirm this yet.

A week or two before, A health insurance company was out of business for at least a week, also due to fire. Their CEO said something along this line when he was requested for DR budget;

  • "What are the chances anything could happen? Almost nill. So we don't need a DR site". 

Now he knows.

The fire extinguisher installation didn't work either. So the local fire dept. had to come in and powder extinguisher the computer room. All hardware was covered in this white backing flower like powder.

There was no spare hardware  on which to start recovering. Luckily local partners were able to supply a bunch of machines off the shelf. This must have cost them a bundle. While delivery was taking place, they took all hardware outside, to clean off the powder, which prevented proper cooling, when "firing" up the servers again.  

Now this CEO has some explaining to do....
I'd hate to be in his shoes.

I am just glad my insurance doesn't run at that shop!!