In a galaxy, far far away...

There was a storage administrator, whose life was perfect.

He managed a multivendor storage environment, where all the operating systems natively provided hardware independent multipathing to those RAID replacements the bloggers designed in the earth year 2006. All the storage subsystems available on the market were supported on all operating systems, and all migrations from one vendor to the other could be scheduled and completed without host/application disruption. He never has to convince any server operator to upgrade the multipathing software or have him remove any vendors specific multipathing software, reboot, install a new vendors specific multipathing software and reconnect the new vendors disks. He has time to spare, because he doesn't need to plan migrations during the weekends. The operating systems he uses natively support migration of data from one disk to another (kinda what AIX already could in the early years of the 21st century). No matter what vendor. All the applications his company uses are replication aware, and have a way of recovering from a fail-over to a remote site. He has got so much time to spare, that he started teaching history lessons to high-school kids. "Good morning class, today we will discuss the archives of from planet earth, from back in the days people still used spinning harddrives in their desktop filling computers and floor filling server racks."

Ok, maybe that still isn't perfect. There's no challenge in a perfect world. But i'd settle for the multipathing future.