"High" performing storage

There’s a really interesting question posted on the HDS storage forums asking whether or not anyone has experience installing an AMS500 at 4,000 meters above sea level.  The manual specifies 3,300 metres but apparently there are some HP EVA’s running at 4,000 metres.  "Cool" Wink

Sounds like one of those HP XP storage videos where they either fire bullets through the XP or blow it up with explosives.  May be the next video will feature and XP installed and running on top of Everest during a snow storm.  I wonder if a fully loaded, operating under heavy load, XP would generate enough heat to maintain itself up there??

Anyway, it made me think of all the exotic and cool places that I’ve installed and worked with storage....  which actually took me less time than it takes a Barry Burke to pick up on a typo in one of Hu’s posts (pretty damn quick).  Basically bog-standard run of the mill machine rooms are all I have to boast about so far.  But I’ve worked with some luckier people who have worked with Unix and storage in some of the following locations –

•    Remote parts of Russia under communism

•    At sea on oil exploration ships

•    War zones

•    US fighter jets (Decru) and UK Army Land Rovers

•    Underground military bunkers with huge piles of rubble on top that supposedly fall in and seal the bunkers (including all personnel) in the event of chemical leaks….

As for the original question on the forum.  Knowing Hitachi storage, I fancy that the AMS will probably do just fine at that altitude.  I’m not so sure about the installation engineers though ;-)

Feel free to let us all know any weird and wonderful places that you’ve worked with storage!