HDS to Acquire Archivas

Well HDS has announced the intent to purchase Archivas, but no one is awake yet in San Jose to tell us it's official.  You can read the press release here.


When I was at HDS HQ last November I was very impressed with the knowledge and the amount of development that HDS themselves were doing for the Archivas product set.  The group there is very knowledgeable about what customers are looking for in an archival product.  It just seems like they have been listening to their customers instead of telling their customers what they need.

Some of the things that they should continue to work on are:

  • Working with additional archive application vendors and convince the vendors to do something other than write to the EMC Centerra API.
  • Possibly have some sort of customer panel to discuss the product set and let those users help determine where to go next.
  • Have the capability to use AMS or USP storage as the back end controller in the future.