I got this in an email today from a reader.  Looks like we'll have FATA drives in the USP-V sooner than later...

We’re looking to update our Tier-1 storage (DMX-4 vs USP-V) and have had EMC and HDS in-house the past couple weeks showing use their latest. HDS *casually* mentioned during the intro that they’ll be adding support for 750GB FATA drives on November 14th. 1TB added by mid-2008. Official Announcement will be made next Monday, Nov 5th. I had been expecting this for a while and got a pretty good laugh listening to them go from “don’t use ATA inside Tier-1 storage” to saying “there are no special precautions to take when using ATA in the USP-V.” Classic!


They’re doing the same thing EMC is with the add-on FC bridge chip.

So the question is, what will HDS's competitors do now that they are running out of differentiators?