First VMworld Post

Well I have arrived. Checkin at registration was very nice at 0700 this morning. There was no wait and was able to walk right into the breakfast area.

After breakfast I went to our booth (booth #101) to finish the setup and run through our demo to make sure no one broke anything while testing over the weekend. Everything is working well without any issues.

So I walked over to my first session of the day, "Troubleshooting using ESXTOP", and it was full. got there 15 minutes early and it was full. I'm praying that the rest of the sessions are not going to be like this. If so, I'm thinking there are going to be a lot of angry people.

I decided to walk over to the blogger lounge and sit down and type this and the lounge was full. It looks more like a TV studio/DJ booth than a blogger lounge to me IMHO. So I'm back at my booth typing this up.

It's 1100 now, so I should probably head to my next session (@1200) to ensure I get a seat. I wonder what will happen when I actually get into a session and then expect to get to the next scheduled session. Will I be able to get in?