Engineers dont make good Kings


Slightly off topic........

I mentioned recently, to a guy at a vendor, that when looking at an org chart at a vendor, I would be more interested in how close I was to the Engineering department than to the CEO.

So something I read earlier in Dave Hitz's book How to Castrate a Bull struck a chord with me.  Toward the end of the book Dave asserts that in a medieval kingdom he would rather be the Kings trusted advisor than the King himself.  I too would have no desire to be King............. but what would I want to be............? 

Given the choice I might want to be the Kings Chief Bodyguard, or Castellan (responsible for protecting the Kings castle).  Protecting the King from his enemies and grafting away in the background making sure the enemies of the King were thwarted at every attempt to displace him.

<but that might be as a result or watching too much 24 and The Unit and thinking Im Jack Bauer....>

Although there is more chance I would end up being a low ranking steward with cleaning duties ;-)

Im pretty confident that most other techies/engineering types out there would be the same as me and have no interest in being King.  Reason being - Engineers don't make good Kings.

The obvious temptation now is to assign fellow bloggers to positions in this medieval kingdom...........  the mind races!!

I may update this post later with some mappings, such as -

3P = Royal Rapper