Dynamic Provisioning: v1.2 of Unofficial Best Practice guide available

As stated in the title, version 1.2 of the HDP/ThP Unofficial Best Practice Guide is available for download.

New/updated in this version are -

  • Two page section on theory.  Not quite a deep dive but hopefully of use.
  • Updates and clarifications on availability of dynamic expansion of DP-VOLs as of ucode v04a.
  • Addition of new Zero Page Reclamation functionality.
  • Thoughts on multiple Pool.
  • Updated comments on Heterogeneous Pools.
  • ...........

Many thanks to everybody reading and using the document, Im amazed at how widely it is circulating among HDS and HP customers.  Please feel free to pass it on and point people to the blog site.  We're interactive on the blogsite via comments and are always willing to help.

Special thanks to those who contact me with feedback, thoughts and experience.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Hitachi, HDS or HP.  I am not an authority on HDP, I am just a passionate and enthusiastic user hoping to help others.  I try and keep it up to date but do have a day job, family and a life.

Download HDP-ThP: The Unofficial Best Practice Guide