Dynamic Provisioning: Best Practice Guide (unofficial)

A while ago I put together an HDP/ThP Cheat Sheet come Best Practice Guide for a large UK financial house.  I mentioned it recently on the HDS and HP storage forums and as a result have had several requests for it.

As a result of positive feedback, I have worked on it while at home in the evenings and believe it is now at a good enough standard to make available for anyone to download.

Please note though, I do not currently work for Hitachi, HDS or HP so am therefore not an authority on  the USPV or XP24000.  The content of the document is from a combination of my opinions, experience and knowledge.

The document is a work-in-progress and I will do my best to keep it up to date, but I do have a day job as well.  Oh and a wife, two children and a life ;-)

I welcome all feedback and hope that it helps people in their understanding and deployment of Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning / HP Thin Provisioning software.

If anybody would like me to cover any other topics, please contact me and I will do my best to cover them via posts on the blog site.  Also, if anybody, including HDS or HP would like me to write anything for them, or hire me, they are free to contact me.  Im a nice guy and always keen to help where I can :-)


HDP-ThP Best Practices v1.1.pdf

Version 1.2 now available - here