Are you ready for 8Gb?

I just read an article on The Register saying that the Fibre Channel vendors will begin filling our Inbox's full of propaganda about 8 Gb switches and HBAs next year.  Does more than 2% of the market really need that much bandwidth?  I know I don't.

The only reason we began switching to 4 Gb switches was because they were cheaper than the 2 Gb model.  We just began buying 4 Gb HBAs and until the 4 Gb port cards on my disk subsystems are cheaper than the 2 Gb model I won't buy those either.  We just don't need it.  I have one application that could even think about filling a 2 Gb pipe let alone a 4 Gb pipe.  The vendors are really going to have to convince me with cost that I have to have 8 Gb.  Good luck.  Wink