84 TB Purchase

Well we just bought a USP1100, a USP600, and an AMS200 from HDS. All totalling about 84.5 TB usable. I'm pretty stoked about the changes we're going to be making to our environment in the near future and if everything works as advertised, then it's going to take some of my storage management pains away. We'll be setting up some asynchronous replication using Universal Replicator between the USP1100 and the USP600. The AMS200 will be behind the USP1100, along with an xp1024 and a cx700. We're getting rid of a 7700E, an xp256, and a cx600 when all is said and done. I'm going to try and keep this blog updated as I go through the transition from our current environment to our new environment. I'll let you know what's for real and what's marketecture, what I like and what HDS needs to improve on. Wish us luck!